George E. Thomas Guitars


My interest is making a guitar that meets the needs of players at any stage of development. You do not have to forego ergonomic considerations to get a great sounding guitar. If the guitar is right for you, for your hand size, and your style of playing, the practice and performance time will be more enjoyable, productive, and less likely to cause injuries.

You can realize your full potential with a guitar that is built just for you. Contrary to popular belief one size does not fit all. Unless your hands are large and powerful the standard factory classical guitar is not a good fit. Large bodied dreadnought and jazz guitars can cause damage to your shoulder. I offer options that allow you to select nylon or steel string versions, neck width, thickness, scale and body size that is a perfect match to your needs. You can select from top grade woods for the combination that enhances your style of playing and provides the tonal range you are looking for.

If you need a performance guitar that will reach the back rows I can provide it. If you want a guitar for accompaniment or for solo fingerstyle work it can be done. Beginners too will learn faster with a guitar that is easier to play.

Carefully hand crafted, George E. Thomas guitars are tools for serious players and for those who do not need a large bodied guitar. Please click on the links at the top of this page to reach different topics on this site, view Thomas guitars, and see what is new.  Thank you for visiting George E. Thomas Guitars.